Consumerism Gone Mad

Feb 2008

As I work, I wonder what I am working for? Feels like the world is dying and I feel sad and helpless reading about climate change destroying parts of the world and our world response is apathy and confusion.  It's like watching a dying relative and there is nothing one can do.

Reports on the web and news alert us to our 3rd party consumerism:

As well as for biofuel, palm oil is used in many products from soap to cookies.

What is our evaluation of life's comfort versus the need to preserve the environment?

We are spoilt and it's difficult to let go of our creature comforts in order to preserve a planet. We are part of the conscious earth and yet there is little conscious effort to sustain the earth except by a few (thousands versus billions that live on this planet).

The economics of money making seems more overwhelming than the economics for conservation and sustainability.  We need to make radical changes to our lives but how much will you let go in order to do so.  America is potentially heading for a recession and the world is concerned that the buying machine will slacken off, causing a domino effect on industries that rely on the US's massive consumerism.

It is time to re-evaluate and reassess what we really want from this world.