What Are the Northern Arctic Poles?

There are 6 poles and can be catagorised as fixed or wandering.

Fixed Poles:

Pole 1: Geographic North Pole (GNP)

Pole 2: Northern Pole of Inaccessibility (NPI)

- Wikipedia reports this as 411 statute miles or 661 km
- www.marinewaypoints.com/learn/greatcircle.shtml reports this as 409 statute miles or 659 km

Pole 3: Santa's North Pole


Wandering Poles

Pole 4: Magnetic North Pole (MNP)

Trivia question: Is the MNP really a South Pole since a compass' North is attracted to it and opposites attract!

Pole 5: Geomagnetic North Pole

Pole 6: Celestial North Pole