Frolicking Tam
What's been happening? Soooo much has been happening and I cannot keep up. Events, work, and more work and then events. I will be back here to write up more adventures about Tam. I can tell you she got well dressed up on the last event! She looking pretty sexxx-zzzz!!!! Come back in mid-August and all will be revealed.

10 Tyresome Marathons
My mother reckons I should slow down. So I thought I might as well do a marathon a month for the next 10 months. Sssshhhh - don't tell me mother!

Cold Hands Warm Heart
Tess and Pete survived their Antarctic interpidations, they are still talking with each other and came back to tell us a tale.

A Tropical Running Hell
Yes, I know I've been slow and a little too busy to blog. Stresses of creating programs and helping companies have an easier life! Anyway with a little time out, it's now time to catch up. So here are some last stories for 2009 and the first of 2010

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June: Langport July: Fairlands July: Hackney Marshes


A Family Festival - 24th April 2010
Have you ever wanted the world to be a better place? For humanity to be at one with mother earth.

The wish fulfilling a tree filled with wishes/peace messages from people young and old.

And everyone who leaves a message becomes part of a bigger story and they will go away with a seed to grow, nurture and look after.

And the messages, will go with Tess who will bring them to the roof of Africa as part of a spiritual journey for the world.....

Mini Green Thumbs
Folks have been telling me gardening requires too much time and space. However, sprouting seeds takes very little time and space. Try it! Sprouting seeds are soooo good for you and taste on.

Consumerism Gone Mad
With extreme weather reports and vanishing parts of the world. Destruction makes no sense...

Keeping Cool
Living in a hot climate? Here are some ideas to keeping cool.

Gift Ideas
Wondering about gifts for any occasion? Try some of these ideas here.

Where and What to Recycle
Have you wondered what you can recycle and if you can make money from it? Have listed some resources here for you

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A plastic life