In 2006, I decided that I had to go to the North Pole and/or the South Pole, ideally in 2008 when the solar eclipse hangs over the poles.  However just going to the poles seemed pointless.  So I found some scientist to give me more purpose who continually provide feedback to the world on climate change and weather patterns.  Hence the Expedition Room was born.

From there it seemed a good idea to try to inspire people to look after their environment.  Having had a long existing concern for the environment, the Green Room came into existence.  It is such a fundamental thing, that I have never understood why we (as individuals and businesses) put costs before our environment.

The Expedition Room

Check out the latest expedition we're working on or helping.  The room contains information about the routes, teams, any science they're involved in and equipment they are going to use or have tested.

In addition, there are a number of events planned around the world to "inspire generations" to look after planet earth.  We'll document them all here.

The Green Room

Here we hope to inspire you to integrate yourself into looking after the environment and the ecosystem we live in,  planet earth.  You will find information and resources on:

Disclaimer: Any links to external sources are not under our control and may change!

Donations and Sponsors

Polar expeditions and green events costs and we will be providing individuals and corporates plenty of opportunity to be associated with these events.  Monies raised from these events will go towards future events.  Events are currently planned until as far as 2010.