Polar Extremes

Have you ever dreamed of doing something?  Have you ever challenged who you are?  Rima, Matty and Joanne have outdoor motivations that provide them with a common goal to see themselves in an extreme world, facing the challenge of survival.

But before we can get there, training is of the utmost importance so that we can complete an unsupported trip to the South Pole and hopefully back. The start date is November 2012. Upon successfully completing the trip, our target will be an unsupported trip to the North Pole.

In addition, where possible, we will gather valuable scientific data to aid researchers to continue understanding climatic changes and dispersion of pollutants.

The Science Mission

How much are we contributing to the weather patterns and global warming?  The signs are looking like we are contributing to our own destruction.  The best places to understand this are in the ecologically sensitive areas and the polar regions are one of those places.  We have collected samples and recorded observations to help scientist understand what is happening to our world.

The Spirit of Adventure

To show the spirit of adventure and determination and highlight the importance of man's environmental impact to the everyday person around the world, we will document our expeditions and events.  We hope to inspire everyone to live their dream.