Risks and Hazards

These are the ones we have thought of and yes some on this list sounds like paranoia but all are considered!

The South Pole

This seems like the easy one - crevasses and melting ice!  Crevasses are not a big issue any more when you look at what we've got for the North Pole (some of us have mountaineering skills)

The North Pole

Cold: Gonna be interesting. We'll be prepared for recognising hypothermia and frost bite and what we can do to counter act it all.

Melting Sea Ice: Guess we better learn the ninja technique of walking lightly

Polar Bears:  An endangered species as the ice coverage shrinks, this reduces the polar bear's habitat to find food.  However there are still plenty around to check out human meat!  We'll be trying the bear deterrents and hopefully we will never have to shoot to kill.

Whales:  Wonder how we look underwater swimming a lead - perhaps like a skinny seal!

Weather/Fog: Means we could go hungry for awhile from our supplies not getting to us.  Well if the weather does warm up and we have more water then at least we can fish! 

Equipment Breakage: Duct tape mostly works!  Even chewing gum and faith!

Tent blows away or gets destroy by a marauding polar bear - we'll just have to do some good hard solid praying and improvisation and lots of sleeping together

Ice Breaker: Well we are small and the ice breaker is big and we may be asleep when one decides to come crashing into us!

Nuclear Submarines: Again we wonder if one decided to rise up when we're on the ice.  Maybe they'll give us a ride for spoiling our fun!  Wonder if anyone has tried surfing a nuclear sub?