Dancing to the Music of Life

October 2008

Have you ever thought about what you can do with your life? How much more you can grow and develop if you didn't spend so much time:

- Watching TV - sucks the energy from your being
- Playing on the internet - finding later that fingers hurt from banging the keys too many time
- Being negative and dwelling on the darker sides

Life was made to live! Tess is in her 60s.  She is vibrant, a ray of light dancing amongst the shadows, living her dreams. And where is her next destination? - the South Pole. So Tess I reckon we should drag 2 tyres for about 8 miles.  What do you think?

Yes she proclaims and does a merry dance around a huge mushroom in the woods.

Tess and Pete (her buddy also in his 60s with an excellent dry wit humour) intend to read out peace messages at the South Pole and bury them there in a silicon chip. If you would like to Tess to read your peace message out at the pole, leave your peace message at their website Climb for Tibet