Shop 'Til You Drop

March 2008

Matty creates a camera case

Matty has arrived and the one thing I hate doing has finally caught up with me....clothes shopping. I had only got as far as buying my base layer.

I go into a clothes shop and my head goes into never never land.  Was sent to purchase clothes, I came back with climbing gear! (well it was going at a great price).  I like buying technical gear.

Admittedly my mother chops up my old holey clothes so that I cannot wear them.  She has no understanding about sentimental attachments to clothing items due to the fear of having to face the clothes shops.  Clothes shopping is the hardest task for me to do.  Far happier doing the ironing, washing the dishes, re-programming software applications.......In the end, had to ask Matty to pick out clothing for me to stop me dithering for hours.