February Fragility

29th February 2008

Week 1: I felt strong from having completed 40 miles dragging/carrying a load that weighed up to 22kg. In my head I could now do any distance up to 40 miles a day! I had a good lesson on better nutrition to see myself through long spells.

Week 2: My hockey team played a team that played a little dirty. Let's say many members of my team kept on falling on the floor and a number of tap foots with hockey sticks could have seen me on the floor but instead a hockey ball smashing into my left big toe heard me swear bad words.  However after RICE on my toe and an anti-inflammatory  I still felt strong enough the next day to pace a friend in a 1/2 marathon with energy to spare.

Week 3: Then I was reminded how frail our bodies are.  Having completed a number of short runs in the week, I was to run 18 miles with friends.  It was -2 degrees celcius but sunny.  The day would warm up, which meant shorts for me and two layers on top.  However, the stop start process of our group caused my knees to become cold and stiffen (yes longer leggings would have been more prudent).  The first time we stopped, chatted and waited for folks it just felt awkward.  The second time I felt pain, limped a bit and then focused to shake it off.  The third time, I decided to throw in the towel - knee hurt, ankle stiff - sigh - I called it a day after 14.5 miles to go eat a hot dog!

Week 4: I was reminded that anything can happen to us when it is our time. A dear friend has been in the emergency/intensive ward the whole week, having had a blood vessel burst in her head causing a major stroke. Emotions have been high, and people have been depending on me to remain strong. At times I have wanted to cry myself, but know we have to keep positive. What ever happens is okay and miracles happen for a purpose. Many of us pray that a woman full of love for many is saved.

As a minor distraction, today is the day women can propose to men.......