Eat Up

15th February 2008

It has been a very busy expensive week purchasing flights, accommodation and transportation to and from Borneo air strip.  March I go to the Arctic!

Decided it was time to go for a check up.

Nurse: Think you can go up to 65kg.

Me: How do I do that? I eat and burn it on exercise. I ate a whole cheesy pizza that would have fed 2 to 3 people yesterday.

Nurse: Hmm cheesy pizza has a lot of saturated fat. Eat more carbs before you go to bed.

Me: Sure am - eat loads of it before I go to bed.

Nurse: This is very strange - I normally tell people how to lose weight.....

So I will be trying to gain at least 6 more kilos before March 24th - Arctic time. It is a strange thing to do!!!