Preparation and Masochistic Tendencies

1st February 2008

How great it was to see my tyre and box again - it still all looked in great condition since New York.  Well I did give the tyre a bath, in the bath tub.  I'm sure many of you readers have put your pets in the bath tub.

Can't believe how good the box travelled.  Learning Tree again backed me for this event, and so the box seemed appropriate.

With the solar light and windmill back on, it nearly brought a tear to my eye.  As one friend had said, it's a much prettier box than the one that decorated my tyre in Singapore.

10 kg of stuff; 3 kg box; 10 kg tyre

Since I carried 18 kg on the last marathon, it really didn't matter what I dragged along with me.  All together I now had @ 23 kg.  So here's a list of stuff I carried/dragged:


Fed up with carrying 3 bars and a couple of bags of sweeties, in previous races, I decided to go all out on the food.  In fact to all my buddies who said they would be out there to support me, I asked for food and hot water.  Paranoia from being hungry on two previous races.

- 6 multipower bars (35 g ea)
- 2 yoghurt flavoured flap jacks (100 g ea)
- 2 Boysenberry bars (45 g ea)
- 1 big mars bar (contains 2 mini bars) (80 g)
- 1 bag of cashews (200 g)
- 1 bag of dried mangoes (100 g)
- 1 dehydrated packet of pasta in cheese sauce (125 g)
- 2 kaya jam rolls
- 3 bottles of fluid - total 2.25 litres

Never tried most of this food on a long run, so should be interesting to see if it works.


The last 50 mile ultra marathon I saw, the competitors had blisters from wet socks, some were cold from having waded chest high in water.  So I thought I'd be prepared.  Also if I arrived late at night, I imagined I would see if I could get a room at the end point, or sleep on someone's floor.  Hence:

- 1 pair of clean knickers
- 3 pairs of socks (I think I forgot I had put them in twice!)
- 1 clean cotton t-shirt
- 1 fleece
- 1 hat
- 1 pair of thick gloves - concerned about cold hands as it was forecasted temps would dip to 0 deg celcius at night.
- 1 pair of thin gloves
- 1 pair of gaitors - thought this might help to reduce puddles and wet feet
- 1 flannel (dunno why I put that in there)
- 1 Emergency blanket
- 1 rain jacket - all day sun was predicted, but then snow was predicted the day before.  Didn't see a flake, just sun
- 1 silk liner

Other stuff:

- Toiletries
- 1 pack of tissues
- 1 mobile phone - for those who know me sometimes I make exceptions!!!
- 1 climbing harness
- 1 running belt - has room for a bottle and pockets for snacks
- 2 carabiners
- 1 camera
- 1 head lamp
- 1 hand warmer (still carrying it around mum!)


Two days before, G had told me Pawo (the monk running gesar foundations) wouldn't be able to join me.  I was disappointed but I understood.  Sometimes "things" crop up.  However, Charlie emails me and tells me she'd be there at check point 2 with food and hot water after her morning run; Aunty Margaret and Pops Alan would be there at check point 3 also with food and hot water.  Fantastic news to keep me going if ever my spirit were to drop.