Singing Anthems

10th January 2008

I was going through my Inbox, clearing out emails, checking if contacts still I replied to a 2 year old email from a buddy I've known for a long time but not really communicated with for some time.  And then "zam bang crash wham".  Here's the rough gist of the emails.

Me: "Have an awesome New Year G"

G: "Can you sing?"

Me: "Yeah maybe" (well yeah "in my own world")

G: "Great am looking for a female singer and you have to meet Pawo...."

Pawo is an amazing buddhist monk who is humble; free of possessions; moving freely from location to location where he feels guided to do so but always looked after where ever he goes.  Along his many journeys, Pawo has seen the torment and misery of children in many lands and made it his mission to nurture children, so that they become positive attributes to our future world. Thus the Gesar Foundation, a children's charity was formed. 

So do miracles happen around him? Let's just say many amazing things follow both Pawo and G who both have awesome souls.  I feel very honoured that they have allowed me to be part of the creation of the foundation's anthem, "The Wish Fulfilling Tree", as well as with a future opportunity to teach the children "life skills".


The anthem has a spiritual feel - the words came from Pawo's meditation, the music arose from G's dreams. It was created to inspire all to look after the welfare of children.  Helping sing the anthem was a very humbling experience, as I bumbled thru trying to create a harmony with Uncle Gary's guidance (another G).  It was harder than going up the Queens Boro Bridge in the New York marathon (see 2007 links "Running for the world") where I only had myself to disappoint if I wanted to quit.

Here we are in the studio and I had a number of people to let down.  I would practise the harmony with Uncle Gary and then once ready to do a take, went blank!  However, everyone in that room were so patient and encouraging, that made the experience all the more incredible, and the results are just "wow".  Perhaps I'm just saying that because I am a part of it but I hope you will all soon be able to hear "Wish Fulfilling Tree" once it has completed production.

In the mean time, you might like to hear "It's a Dirty Business".  It's a great track which has so far brought in the funds to complete projects  in Africa.

Pawo says he wants to come along with me on the 40 mile ultra in Feb.  It'll be great for the company and to hear some stories about Pawo's wanderings