2007 Reflections

31st December 2007

The start of a song about how I feel at times

People are amazing, old seems young; young are exciting and creative........so what happens with the middle age?  In my own experience there seems to be a loopy irrational part that many go through.  Perhaps the brain goes into a disorder.  I've seen this with friends.  I'm watching this with blood. An intelligent person vindictive towards another in order to prove......nothing. Their only wish is to destroy someone's life, focusing energy on negative actions, instead of using that energy for a more positive full life.  A friend once said, that when someone walks on the dark side it is hard for them to find the light and all they do is dig their grave deeper......I pray that this person finds light and joy back in their own life soon.

Life has rarely offered me a clear cut straight path.  Sometimes it seems that big trees have fallen in my way and finding a way round has been difficult to see.  But they are only temporary obstacles.  And when you get knocked down, get up again......there is a song here.

The next stop - power kiting!

I was very privileged to have spent the final month with a bunch of mainly much older, retired people who are still learning, still living life, caring for one another, encouraging and very much in love with each other.  I saw magic!

So am not sure what has happened this year but it has been happening very quickly.  Normally the year starts slowly and speeds up.  Not 2007.  The journey to discovering more about oneself started fast and has closed the year fast, rapidly encroaching on 2008.  There is no slowing down, only more happy madness in the run up to hitting a pole.

I am very grateful to Darcy and his family for helping me experience cold Canada; Sandra, Baito and Rachel for all their work in translating the website into different languages; the many friends who have donated towards the expedition; Aunty June for her encouragement; Charlie for getting me out to run and the many "sifus" who have continued to guide me and give me reality checks on what I am doing so I keep it realistic and don't damage myself.

To everyone who reads this, I hope that you are inspired to pursue and live your dreams even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.  The only thing that can stop us from living is ourselves.  Roll on 2008!

Remember to consume less and recycle more.