Two Loose Screws

1st December 2007

I'm still trying to figure out when my head hit the wall. I think it was in New York, when I thought adding more weight didn't really matter. 18 kg is the same as 10 kg - isn't it? Just bad on hills.

Now I've signed up for a ski marathon with very little experience on skis.  Time to get some more lessons.

Not being satisfied with one unknown, I became curious to find out whether I could complete an ultra marathon. So I've signed up for a 50 mile ultra in January and immediately regretted it as I thought "can I really drag a tyre over 50 miles". In fact whilst in the jolly mood of signing up for marathons, I nearly went for a double header ultra marathon 45 miles out one way and 45 miles back that would happen two weeks later. However having chatted to a couple of master "ultra runners", common sense kicked in and warded me off a potential injury. "One life, one body to enjoy it with.  Injuries are not fun, so respect your body."

Training has begun and have decided running around with one tyre is pretty lame, so have doubled up much to the bemusement of many walkers.  Crazy - yes!