Leaving on a Jet Plane

1st November 2007

Check list for my main luggage:

  1. Tyre - it fits into a large suitcase
  2. Box - just got to think of something to write on it
  3. Pens - to write on box
  4. Cans - cleaned and punctured
  5. Rope
  6. Harness
  7. Solar light (in case I'm coming back in the dark)
  8. Garden windmill - it's all about sustainability
  9. Fake flowers - want my box to look pretty
  10. Teddy bear - might as well throw teddy in - present from Aunty Jane

Check list for my hand luggage

  1. Registration
  2. Running gear
  3. Laptop

How do I feel? Concerned - right calf/achilles area is still feeling tight.

Why do I do this? It has been documented many times over that the US consumes 40% of the world's resources.  The US' lifestyle would require just over 5 planets to sustain its life.  China with its amazing economic growth would require 0.9 of a planet (see Consuming the World).  So now I go into the Lion's Den to see if the US understands this.


21st October 2007

Today I am not happy!  Last week (week of the 8th Oct) the knee was giving me a stabbing pain every time I tried running.  So I rested it for 5 days.  At the end of the week, played hockey, running around like a headless chicken.

The week of the  15th Oct, the area around my achilles tendon has been going into spasms.  More running rest required and hopefully the spasms are due to muscular.  I will be cycling for the rest of this week to keep fit for New York (4th Nov. )

Am sure they sell spare body parts in New York.

Run Run Run

4th October 2007

At the start of 2006, I thought I could only do 5 miles.  Then I ran with Andy, a friend from hockey, who despite being about 4 inches shorter than me, ran 5 miles with me at a slower pace but within the same time I normally run 5 miles.

Her words: "You should be able to run and talk at the same time in order to run longer distances"

So now I talk to myself and sing as I run my long distances.

.....and then I entered the Singapore marathon.  Sick with flu a month before, I thought I'd be fine for the event.  It nearly finished me off as I staggered to move at 34 km and finally hit a second wind at 41 km.

If my first debut was not off putting enough, this year April, I entered another marathon - New York.  Too many cold showers must be affecting the brain; or otherwise reading about the exploits of the SGRunners members has enticed me to run more.

My struggles have been getting out to train.  Puffing Bertie (one extraordinary lady) has been a great help of encouragement and motivation: getting me to train with her as well as run a couple of races (New Forest 10 - completed in 1.5 hours; 5 K runs - pb 24 mins).  My only other method of training is to tell my mother when I am going to meet her (can't upset my mother).  However, so far this has been going really badly.  A 1.5 hour run changed to 2 hours; a 3 hour run changed to 4 hours due to diversions and getting lost. 

Thank goodness I have a kind and understanding mother.