Visions and Revisions

Talking to the Runner Beans

When I was a child, life was often bright
My parents loved me and gave me security
My brothers played and fought with me

Now as an adult, life has dark clouds and light
The road is never straight but is twisty and curvy
Darkness brings strength, even though its sadness I see

And when the times are good
I savour the freedom and spread my wings to fly
Knowing every step I take is watched by a great and loving God

The road is rarely straight and I wonder if time is ever long!

I love my work: programming, solving problems, training people to enjoy what they do.  So where does that leave everything else?  My answer came from the runner beans.  I should run more to take my mind off everything!  How much more?  Lots more, in fact I think I'll enter another marathon.....

Watch this space.