June Update: Full feeling has returned to the fingers

The Meeting

To keep warm - smile!

10 months of talking on the net

The day had come when we would meet

The military man and the "chin chai" chic'

Would we get on or would it be game over?

5 days on Lake Winnipeg would check this out....


We both came back well....okay I suffered from minor frost bite / frost nip on the fingers from  hands going numb putting up the tent and on the left ear from having left my ear cold (it was under a hat) to the wind for about an hour before wrapping it up further.  5 days later still have no feeling on the finger tips and one finger tip is getting a wee bit hard but all looks like "superficial frost bite" so no chopping limbs off yet!  Although I did have a dream during the trip of a doctor spraying a white foam on my hand and when the foam cleared my index and little fingers were missing and had a hole in the middle finger......

Lesson learnt is to always keep aware of environmental risks at all times!

Darcy has written up this event (See Testing the Waters).  Thank you to Carol and Aidan (Darcy's wife and son) for all their support and kindness during the week.

Happy Pig Year to all those who celebrate Chinese New Year.