Training For a Marathon

The Reality

Having spoken to several polar explorers - I am now in the process of preparing my physical being for the toughest challenge in my own life.  So what better test, than to go run a marathon in temperatures that will be far from comfortable (25 at night soaring to 35-38 degrees C in the day).  So in December 2006 - I'll fill you all in on my first ever marathon.  And just to make it really difficult, I'll drag a tyre - if the officials let me, and I'll only fly in 2 days before to really make sure I've NOT acclimatised to the hot weather <so at the back of my head the voices are saying "mad">

Getting Into The Training

...has been hard going.  Reading everyone else's running blogs and advice from friends and acquaintances who have run marathons, indicates that I am running too few miles.  I run twice a week - 3 miles and 10 miles.

Whilst working in York, found myself a training buddy for the week.  He's a sprinter but having that running buddy has helped me to run at least three times this week.  Woo hoo - work is okay but running is even better!

Unfortunately with all the nasty coughs and sneezes in London's underground, my shielding powers that normally keep me healthy decided to turn off for a moment and allow some nasties through.  Having not had a bad cold for at least the last 2 years, I came down with flu....fever and all.  Took me a couple of weeks to recover, and enough time for my body to say - "girl I don't feel like running at the moment!"  Getting back into it has been hard going, especially when a park warden rolls up next to me in his car in a deserted area of the park I run in and tells me "Sorry you cannot run with that thing <my tyre> in this park.  It's against health and safety, you could tie someone up with it!"

Ok don't get me started.  The park warden was doing his job even if I did tell him he was talking kak.

What have I learnt: Doing proper sit-ups requires using your stomach muscles.  You might think "oh duh" - but I was letting my head do the leading upwards (have seen many folks do this) - instead of letting my stomach do the lifting.  Now I focus on the stomach and do baby sit-ups. 

So remember baby-sits will give you rock hard abs!!!