Trying to Vision Harsh Realities

Grow as much as the challenges that are laid in your path

Who am I?

For a 1.75m tall person, I weigh 53-55kg in summer and 55-60 kg in the winter (ringing-wet).  I generally dislike the cold and thrive in the sun.  Finally I don't know how to ski.  Admittedly have tried one day of cross country skiing with 2 buddies and we struggled all day to understand how to cross country ski.  Have also tried a day of downhill skiing recently, where I went from bunny slope (Beginner ski slope indicated by a "green" flag) to black diamond (Advanced ski slope indicated with a black diamond) moguls and died in a big yard sale, i.e. my skis, ski poles, goggles, hat, and scarf were all over the slope for everyone to pick up!!!

When I came back to life - the bump on my head and the chipped tooth must have been worse than everyone thought, because this year I've decided that I should go to both the North Pole and the South Pole during their respective summers.  If I train for one, I might as well do both eh! ;o)  It's logical!  <says the lightweight person who likes sunshine>

What are they saying?

I have now talked to many polar explorers who have told me doing the North Pole in summer is impossible.  However this year (2006) we witnessed a couple of American guys get to the North Pole in spring/summer 2006.  Am sure all you adventure readers will read about it sometime.  So at the very least I hope they will be my mentors!

What do I intend to do?

I've been told a polar expedition is really physically and mentally tough.  For the mental challenges I am doing a daily dose of sudoku - only the hard ones of course :o).  For the physical, hmm well....have just entered myself into a marathon and... oh yeah, I've never run a marathon and I dislike running long distances!!!