Slaying Dragons

Feb 2010

Virgin London Marathon 2009 timing chip still on the left shoe!
Everyone needs to slay a dragon. After all slaying that first dragon makes children, adults.........boys to men; girls to women. Those dragons are the ones that push you beyond what you think is possible. If you have never slayed a dragon, you have not yet lived. Because once you begin on that journey, you begin to understand yourself; find new exciting strengths within; life adventures and there is definitely no going back.

Many will say I slew a dragon at the London Marathon, 2009. I completed the event, raised more money for Look than the charity expected me to be able to do within a short time frame and yet I felt a personal failure. I didn't see many of the friends who came out to support me due to apathy at the beginning; collecting money people wanted to give towards the charity; having a chat with the crowd; clowning around and I finished far later than expected. I still have the timing chip on my shoe as a reminder to keep the important things in sight at all times.

My last ultra marathon 27 Dec 2009 ended in a time of 10 hours 10 minutes and 10 seconds.

The tyre dragging thing was suppose to end in London, and instead has become the thing I want to tame. It is slow, it is torturous up hills and it is easy to use as an excuse for being late!

The London failure and the ultra marathon time were too significant. In February 2010, it came to me that I should drag Ted my pet tyre through 10 more marathons in 2010.

Let the dragging begin!