Running Hell 2: A Tropical Shower - Ultra Marathon

Dec 2009

The thought of another tropical run (two weeks after the Singapore Marathon) weighed heavy on my head. My last 2 long weekend runs were with Tigger and his running tribe - 20K and 16K. Did I feel ready? Not really but I had promised a friend that I would do it and we had 10 hours to complete the 52.5K, plus an extra 2 hours to do more if we felt our legs could hold out. So why not. Last year I did this event with an injured foot: one lap running, one lap 3-legged, one lap sideways, one lap skipping, one lap backwards, last lap walking. Somehow we had completed six laps in 10 hrs 39 mins.

The traditional MR25 end of year race is at least 5 laps of a 10.5km trail course around Macritchie Reservoir. It's a beautiful course except can feel like you're running in a sauna. Temperature predictions for the day were from 24 (night time temps) to 31 (afternoon temps) degrees C. The race itself starts from 7am and ends at 7pm.



So met up with friends, a fog horn start off and completed the first lap as the morning dawned. The sun was coming out and already I was feeling hot. Had a wash, ate cake and went for my second lap. After the second lap had a wash and decided that it was too hot for shoes. So the sandals came on and stayed on for the next 3 laps. It was soo nice to have cool feet. The sixth lap, decided to walk and the clock determined the end of my event at 10:10:10

This was too auspicious a time to think about another completing lap!

Below are some photos for you to enjoy, with views around the lake, trail with cheeky bottle snatching monkeys, and spiney plants to avoid if you were thinking about hiding behind some plants for a "wee" bit of privacy.

Thank you to Tey for capturing images of the day's event and for allowing me usage for my blog. Tey is an incredible guy who can run a marathon in 5 hours whilst taking thousands of shots!