Running Hell 1: A Tropical Marathon

Dec 2009

I mean I wasn't really going to enter. I'd been injured and had only been running for 3 weeks after a 4 week lay off. I'd arrived the day before from 5 degrees into 30 degrees and as far as I was concerned I just wanted to chill out and support. But this is what happened.

I'd called a friend, to see what she needed,
She said "bring your shoes, I want you to run"
I said "You must be crazy, I'm here to have fun"
She says "What's the difference, the entry will be wasted"
I breathe a small sigh and my arm got twisted
And before I knew it I was out on the run

The day was cool but I found it hot
For over 17 thousand were at the 5:30 start
A slight wind prevailed, but I found the air stale
For runners flanked me all around, and I could smell and taste their sweat
As the morning moved on, spices filled the air
Nasi lemak, bak kuh teh, fish congee and many more food delights

By 15K I was beginning to over heat
How much more would I have to endure?
A rhetorical question, drowned out by water over the head
By 21K I was dragging my feet,
My arms were hot, my legs were hot, my head was hot, I WAS HOT!
I looked forward to a shower along the East Coast

I dragged my feet all the way until 40K
And sometimes found myself cursing the day
The sun was out and shining bright
No way would I stay out in the glaring light
To the finish I ran, belting out a warriors cry
Sprinting thru the final gantry, I did fly

And then I sat there at the end,
Pouring water o'er my head - what a godsend.
"Never again!" were my thoughts.
But come night time, I slept like a baby.
8 hours later, my body refreshed
I thought to myself "Yea - I'd do it again just to have the same deep sleep"