Training Updates

April 2009

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14th April: A Tale of Two Tyres

T'was about time I pulled me tyres. Was great having Jo on board to keep me going!

Having not had much time to play with my tyres, it was long overdue to take the pet tyres out for an outing.

First it was Ted on a 10 mile jog. Was happy to be able to keep up a 10 mile jog and meet Charlie (a real person) at various designations. Must be getting fitter.

3 days later, time to increase the challenge and take 2 tyres (Ted and Tee) for a 5 mile drag. This time Jo was on hand to keep me company. Thank goodness as a park keeper pulled me over (can't have been for speeding as I was tired) and asked what I was doing. Thinking here we, going to be kicked out again in a quiet part of the park, Jo pushed in and told the "parky" what was happening. Surprisingly he was supportive and would be looking out for me! If Jo hadn't been there, wonder if that would have been the same reaction.

Having struggled with my 5 miler, decided 2 days later I had to get out there on the track to prove I could do better, so Ted and Tee were taken out again for a 10 mile drag. I was feeling strong and much better, however had to watch out for kids wanting to jump on the tyres (wonder if I can charge per ride). 4 cyclists passed me, one yelled out:

"Excuse me there's something on your back"

I replied: "Yes and there's something on your head" (i.e. his cycle helmet).

The boys turned round and caught back up with me. Had a photo session with them, but no one dared tried dragging the 2 tyres. Wondered if the harness smelt!  Time to hit the road again, and was on for completing the distance in 2.5 hours, but hunger and tiredness crept in again and I finished in 3 hours.  Still happy as this beats the 4 hours had completed the distance in November 2008.

Now am thinking about the tractor tyre!!! However it is taper time (meaning less activity as the marathon day approaches in 12 days time).


2nd April: Rude Awakenings

28th March - the Reading 1/2 marathon and decided to do an "Anne" (a fellow runner) who normally turns up for a run having stayed up most of the night before. It was time to see if I could do the same.

An outfit that helps the men
up the hills!!!

Tina (a hockey pal who had also entered the event) and I were up partying the night away until 2am......or rather I was looking after the women who had a little too much to drink. Gotta say the smell of vomit nearly hit me as well.... Thank goodness the party ended at 1am which turned to 2am since the clocks went forward an hour.

A poor 3 hours rest and had to be out of the house by 7am to meet Tina. I nibbled on a small crust of bread. Food wasn't going down well due to lack of sleep and the images of women throwing up was still fresh in my head. Anyway chucked a mars bar into my running pouch - for good measure. We arrived early, so both Tina and I decided to have a 1/2 hour snooze before getting out of the car to make our way to the start point.

It was fantastic to see Heather in the pack who would be taking it easy as part of her recovery plan from a Plantar Fascitiis injury. Hence jumped in and joined her as my Achilles strain from last week's 20 miler was still niggling and I also wanted to take it easy. Sarah also bounds in saying she's gotta go slow as well due to her hip.......and a "oh by the way Rima this is the police woman's outfit you've agreed to wear"

I don't normally say much in the mornings, but what a shock. I was jolted out of my morning stupor but could only manage a "no way!!" - said several times over - too much blood in the head. I was gob-smacked! You see I am a bit of a prude....knee length skirts and covered midriff and all that kind of stuff.  As well as an exposed midriff, I saw a wide belt skirt that might not cover my cheeks! Sarah has a nice pert bum - she looked awesome. I'm gonna be like one of Cinderella's ugly sisters trying to squeeze into a wee skirt....and thinking "my bum's too big for this!".

Well at the time of writing this log, there are 10 votes for me wearing what I want to wear (which means shorts and t-shirts) versus 8 votes for the copper's outfit......phew

We will see all depends on the votes!




March Progress

Fighting injuries that surfaced in December. Thankfully still been able to run a long distance once a week and focusing on core strength during the week to give the right foot/leg a rest.


January/February: Right foot - Plantar Fascitiis (PF) - physio recommended 3 weeks rest with calf exercises, icing area and taking inflammatory. I did not run but focused on core strength, put my foot up and iced the area everyday. Applied a special arnica cream from New Zealand that does wonders.

March: Right foot - Metatarsalgia. I wonder if this might have happened to a gait change to protect the PF from worsening.  Or perhaps it was the girly 1 inch shoes I'd been wearing. I applied 4 days of japanese herbal plaster that is to promote blood flow and reduce inflammation that me mother gave to me. Seemed to work.

March: Right knee pain. Too many injuries on the right leg/foot, so decided it was time to see the physio again. He thinks it is a tight IT Band (ITB) that is causing the knee pain and lays into the ITB. It is a horrible good pain! As for the recurring injuries on the right leg, he thinks it is tight on my right gluts causing a very  slightly shortened leg. More exercises to stretch the gluts to correct the problem.

Overall leg is getting better as have managed to cover good distances over the last 3 weeks:

28th Feb: 14 miles

7th March: 20 miles (by mistake - was keeping a friend company!)

14th  March: 17 miles (was suppose to be 16 but we ended on 16.3 so had to carry on to round the number up!)

21st March: 20 miles - got to sort out nutrition and hydration as nearly hit the wall by 19.5 miles. The heat was not helping as the head began to feel light and fluffy. I wonder if it was because of the hockey the day before and having gone to bed with a dehydration headache.