Two Gifts

February 2009


Tess and Pete have returned after having achieve cross country skiing to the South Pole and performing their peace ceremony. A historic moment was made when the South Pole scientists accepted the peace messages to place them in a special preservation container.

You can read their story here

They are now back in the UK and the only team who did not suffer from frost bite.


Ring ring ring......"hello, I have a place in the London marathon that I would like someone to help me fill. Would you be able to raise funds for my charity?"

* Pause * My heart beats, my head fills with blood......"Yes"

"Great let's get you signed up"

So I am now training for the London marathon for the charity LOOK-UK

LOOK are an organisation that provide emotional support for carers who support and look after disabled children/visually impaired kids. As anyone knows who has looked after someone disabled, a lot of hard work and a tank of emotions is required.

So to entertain you all we are coming up with some wicked things that you can participate in as well. So watch this space for more news!