Allowing Rest Time

January 2009

It is amazing how time flies and am still trying to catch up with 2006. The newspapers shout at us about the economic doom and gloom and some friends have been laid off. It is amazing how media can put so much fear into one's head. Perhaps this time should be used as a time for healing, a time to gather thoughts and reconsider how one wants to live their own life without the maddening rush of work and life.

This month I have launched into relax and sleep. Actually I have been forced there, having caught flu and in bed for 2 days. The body felt totally beaten up and I struggled for 2 days to keep warm despite 4 layers and 2 duvets on top of me.

I have thankfully recovered, but a persistent chesty cough tells me to lay off training. It did not however stop me from volunteering to be goal keeper in my hockey team. I feel beaten up again, having dived left, right and centre but at least this time it is from sport and not a virus using me as a punch bag. Strange how that makes it okay!

I now look towards February to reset the training time and get my body ready for November 2009!