1/2 My Homework From the Dog!

Darcy, September 2007

Sshh listen............did you hear anything? 

Anyone need a rescue? 

Wait listen again...........Nothing? 

Okay guess I'm gonna have to run.  No excuses except for not having trained for over a month!  However, I said I would do it, so I ran the 1/2 marathon at Regina Saskatchewan and completed this in 1hr 40 min and 7 sec ( chip time).  Buzzing from the joy of completion, I then wished I had done the full.  But then again, another challenge for another time.....

No Dog Here - Only Foot and Mouth

Rima, September 2007

So here I was lining myself up for the Windsor 1/2 marathon, until some viral microbe infected a whole load of cows and shut down Windsor Park.  Time to find another run.  Good thing hockey season is back in, so no more rolling cricket grounds.

However, friends are nagging about the website design - round corners not square (and I argue everyone has round corners)......  I'm a programmer not a designer!  But okay I will try as that evil four lettered word (W**K) has eased off a little and am able to go to bed at a reasonable time.  So expect changes everyone.