Earth Killers

August 2007

Is it just me or am I getting crabby and intolerant as I get older?

Fed up with the daily junk paper mail I receive for credit cards, things to buy, mortgages I should take out, catalogues, flyers, local newspapers, etc.   I believe a large tree comes through my door every month.....maybe every week if the cardboard waste that comes with shopping is included.

Non-Specific Addressed Junk Mailers

Being polite, I used to write "Return to sender and please remove recipient from mailing list".  However, many of these "viral" companies do not read their junk that is returned to them.  So now I am forced to take harsher measures on companies that refuse to take note of the constant mail that I return back to them.

Repeat  offenders now get:

"Return to sender - xyz company is unfriendly to the environment and is an earth killer.  Ecosystems are being killed because of you"

Better still, if they enclose an envelope - mail all their junk back to them so that they are charged.

Specifically Addressed To Me

After a couple of months of receiving bank statements, credit card statements and bills, I have enough junk mail to fill a large plastic dustbin black bag. It would be great if companies actually asked recipients if they would like to receive advertisements with their statements.  So how to deal with this and let the sending company know that you do not want junk mail:

  1. If you don't want the junk mail, enclose the advertisements with your payment and let the sending company deal with their own junk mail. 
  2. If a 'self addressed envelope' has been enclosed, use it to send the company junk mail and their blank application.  They've paid for the right and it costs them nothing if you throw them away!  To keep them guessing, just return them an empty envelope.

    You will be helping the postal service by keeping their business busy.

With enough of us doing this, we will be able to educate businesses to become smarter rather than a blanket "send to everyone on our database".