Due to the type of work I do, I do a lot of travelling hence I have experienced a number of hotels.  Having stayed in hotels in different countries (UK, USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Singapore), here are my observations.

The 3-4 Star Hotel

Typically, have bottles or bars of soap, an endless flow of new towels, all the lights left on in the room, and if there is a fridge in the room it is on (even when empty).....so what am I trying to say here?  Let's examine what happens.

Role Models

The most environmentally conscious hotels so far have been in Sweden and Canada.  Some in the UK are starting to move in that direction.

The "Residence Inn" style hotel

I can only comment on the American style "self catering" hotel here.  Whilst I appreciate the freedom of being able to cook for myself, it really hurts my head to observe the following:

With more people commenting on hotel practices, we will see hotels changing the way they operate more rapidly.