Mini Green Thumbs

July 2008

Sprouting seeds

Many if you have bought bean sprouts.  How about sprouting any seedling? 

They are soooo delicious!

...and so easy to do.  Packed with nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, anti-aging constituents and enzymes.  So easy and good for you!

Eating these regularly is suppose to improve the general health enormously, by boosting the immune system, revitalizing and strengthening the body, improving digestion, combating tiredness and stress.

They may also have a serious role to play in fighting chronic illness, such as cancer.  Do a web search on this.

Green adzuki beans, Soya beans and Red adzuki

To sprout the seedlings, I:

1. Place them in a large bottle, ensuring that they space out as a single layer.

2. Wash them out and leave a residue of water inside the bottle.

3. Put the cover back on the bottle or alternatively put a muslin cloth over the opening of the bottle.

4. Wash once or twice a day (I only washed them when I came back from work) and you will see the results very quickly over the next couple of days.

It would have been better to separate the different types of beans/seeds as they have different growing rates.  I had to pick out the beans that had sprouted.  Next time I will reuse the plastic containers that come from purchasing houmous.