Where and What Can I Recycle?

November 2007

NB This page will be updated when ever I have found some useful reliable information

Some countries have companies that will pay cash for scrap items you bring to them - do a web search to find out what is in your local area.

Toronto has really impressed me by what can be recycled.  Visited Markham to find out that most items can be recycled, even "yucky" stuff like diapers/baby nappies. What is even more fantastic that I can only dream of in the UK is curb side pick up for all of it (my council said it costs too much money but am working on them!).  Click here for information on what Markhamites recycle (at the time of writing it was indicated that 69% of rubbish is recycled!).



Singapore The Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) is a good resource and one created by the government to help you

Click here to find recycling locations in Singapore

Click here to see how to green up your Singapore world

You can also sell your newspapers back to the rag and bone man (also known as the Karang Guni man). Normally pays 80cts to $1 per 10kg of paper.

UK You'll see this one on many of the packaging you buy. It's okay for showing you places where you can recycle different materials

Click here to see recycling locations in the UK

Do a web search for scrap dealers in your local vicinity if you are looking to make a little spare cash.

USA Many places in the USA will pay cash for recyclables such as glass bottles, cans, metal scraps.  Do a web search to find out what can be recycled in your local area.

To find a home for other items you might be looking to get rid of, try Freecycle.