Contributions in British Pounds

On 27th December, I ended the MR25 Ultramarathon in a time of 10:10:10. I felt a calling with this time.

I listened and could not hear, until the 23rd February. A revelation came to me that I needed to run a marathon a month for the next 10 months of course dragging my pet tyre 10 times. So 10 tyres, in 10 marathons in 2010.

So after some solid searching, I found a marathon to start with in the madness of March - the Bedford Clanger. The nice man who is organising the event is trying to raise money for the Bedford Hospital - so please visit his page if you want to donate money to a charity on my behalf. Click here

At the same time I intend to raise awareness about being sustainable. The UK's recycle rate is appalling (@34%). A staggering amount of waste goes towards landfills (reported as @15 million tonnes).....and we're worried about the logging happening in Indonesia? If we can sort out our own "house" and reduce our consumption of resources towards a zero waste attitude, we can then be in a position to help countries like Indonesia reduce their destruction of their ecosystems/our world. After all we are the ones who are demanding resources and countries like Indonesia are responding to our wants and needs! I am supporting EarthWatch who has a socio-ecological mission to bring together different cultures, to research into our environmental impact and educate those who become involved. At the same time their research can form the basis to help change the attitudes and behaviours of corporates.

Also, Sutton Seeds have provided me with seeds to kick start your "sustainable you" - with a "grow your own" motto. I will be giving these out to folks who donate in my events.

The events have started:

March: Bedford Clangers (27 miles)

April: Bath Beat (26.5 miles + over 100 obstacles in the form of stiles and kissing gates)

Coming up: May: FootFest