The Polar Quests

God willing - 2009 will see us attempt to reach the North Pole and South Pole in their respective Summer. 

Why?  Becos' I like the sun, he likes the cold so a Polar expedition in Summer sounded like an all round thing to do! 

Isn't the North Pole more dangerous in Summer due to the ice melt?  Yes it is and will require an amount of innovation with gear and solid teamwork.

Has anyone done this before?  Two American guys succeeded to get to the North Pole in Summer 2006 and we will follow in their footsteps for our North Pole venture to gather a second year of valuable scientific data to help understand climatic changes which leads us to the science.

The Science Mission

How much are we contributing to the weather patterns and global warming?  The signs are looking like we are contributing to our own destruction.  The best places to understand this are in the ecologically sensitive areas and the polar regions are one of those places.  There is a lack of Summer time data so as we will be helping scientist to understand this further by taking measurements, collecting sea ice samples and recording observations in the surrounding areas.

The Spirit of Adventure

To show the spirit of adventure and determination and highlight the importance of global warming to the everyday person around the world, we will create a docu-film of our expedition.  We hope to inspire everyone who watches our film to live their dream.